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Coup D’état in Gabon: Opponent Albert Ondo Ossa Denounces “a Palace Revolution”

Gabonese opponent Ondo Ossa said Thursday that the military takeover in his country was a “palace revolution” which keeps the Bongo system in place.

“It’s not a coup d’état, it’s a palace revolution.” These are the words used by Gabonese opponent Albert Ondo Ossa, Thursday August 31, to describe the overthrow of Ali Bongo on Wednesday by the military. 

“We must place things in their context. First of all, it is not a coup d’état, it is a palace revolution. Oligui Nguema is the cousin of Ali Bongo (…) The Bongos have found that it was necessary to put Ali Bongo aside to effectively continue the Bongo system,” he declared on TV5 Monde . “They put forward Oligui Nguema but behind him, we know who is there. It is still the Bongo system which continues. Oligui Nguema is an underling. Behind him, it is the Bongo clan which remains in power “.

The new strongman of Gabon , General Brice Oligui Nguema , must be inducted on Monday as president of a “transitional” power of still undetermined duration but the opposition urges the putschists to instead recognize the “victory” of his candidate for the presidency. presidential.

Call for action from the international community

“I ask the soldiers to return to republican order. This will be heard or not, but I am watching them (…) Gabon is at the bottom of its rope. It must be straightened out, and it is not the soldiers who will be able to straighten it out,” he added, calling on the international community to act.

“I call on the international community and specifically France, which cannot change its mind. Once we condemn the coup d’état, we must condemn what follows, namely the transition,” he said. he argues.

The opponent claimed to have been in Paris and “warned of everything that was going to happen (…) I said that we were going to have an electoral coup d’état. The Bongos have never won any election, therefore they only carried out coups to stay in power.”

Source : France 24