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Did You Know One Million Surfers Visit This Country in Africa Every Year?

“No Contest Off Tour” paints a beautiful portrait of Morocco

Morocco is the land of pumping right pointbreaks, so it makes sense that it would top many surfers’ bucket lists.

But one million every year?

We had no idea.

“For the last decade Morocco has ranked as the most visited country in Africa,” says No Contest host Ashton Goggans, “and by the end of this episode we’ll find out why, out of the 10-million foreigners arriving here each year, a million of them are surfers.”

Red Bull continues in the description alongside the latest No Contest Off Tour episode:

“The arguments Goggans makes are pretty compelling: amazing waves, hospitable people, a thriving local surf scene and incredible food that blends the best of Africa and Europe are just the starting point.

“Don’t take our word for it though, hit play above and soak up the action as Moroccan surfers Ramzi Boukhaim, Soufiane Cheroub and Othmane Choufani play host to Kauli Vast, Natxo Gonzalez, Laura Coviella, and many more, as well as introducing us to some of the interesting characters who pull make up the diverse fabric of the local surf culture. 

“To recap all that went down while filming for this episode we caught up with Coviella, a hard charging surfer who grew up a short flight away in the Canary Islands, and leaps at every chance she gets to hop over to Africa and surf her brains out in the land of perfect righthand pointbreaks.”

Source : Surfer