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Ethiopia Participating in 6th China Int’l Import Expo

Addis Ababa, November 8/2023 (ENA) -Ethiopia is participating in the 6th annual China International Import Expo being held in Shanghai, China.

The forum is instrumental to promote the entry of local specialty products from least developed countries into the Chinese market by providing free booths, subsidies and preferential tax policies.

Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing and the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration of Ethiopia jointly coordinated the Ethiopian exporters to participate on 136 square meter boost prepared and constructed by the government of China.

Besides participating of the expo event, the Embassy also participated in the sideline forums.

It has also been promoting Ethiopian investment opportunities, export products and tourism attractions at the event.

During the opening ceremony of the forum, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said over 2,000 new products, technologies and services were unveiled at previous five expos and close to 350 billion USD worth of business deals had been agreed upon.

“We will actively expand import, promote coordinated development of trading goods, and support innovative work forums and models of foreign trade to develop digital trade” said the Premier.

He indicate that China will continue opening up bigger market opportunities, “with the population of over 1.4 billion people including over 400 million middle income group, China has enormous potential to world market demand.”

According to the Premier, in the next five years China’s import of goods and services is expected to reach 17 trillion USD, which will continue to generate immense market to the world.

“Openness, create opportunities and cooperation brings win-win future, China is ready to work with all to overcome the risks and challenges on the way forward and make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced win-win and beneficial for all and create a bright future together.”

Trade and Promotion department head at the Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing, Munteha Jemal said China International Import Expo (CIIE) is one of the mechanisms to further enhance China-Africa relations.

She explained that the previous five expos helped Ethiopia expand opportunity to strength trade cooperation and show the huge potential of the country for China and other international business organizations.

During those events trade agreements were signed and links between China and Ethiopian business organizations were established, she said.

The 6th China international import expo has nearly attracted hundreds of companies and market leaders. China International Import Expo, initiated by president Xi Jinping, is a major decision of China to promote high level opening up in the new era, and an important measure taken by China to open its market to the world on its own initiative.

The annual China International Import Expo will remain open until the 10th of November, according to Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing.

Source : ENA