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Ethiopia shops for PR firm to popularize Fayda digital ID, speed adoption

The National Identity Program of Ethiopia (NIDP) has published an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the recruitment of a public relations firm that will champion a comprehensive national communication strategy aimed at fast-tracking the attainment of a 90 million digital ID enrollment target.

According to the EOI from the office of the Prime Minister which superintends NIDP, submission for the contract will close on December 18.

The PR firm will assist the Ethiopian government in clearing barriers hindering full acceptance of the digital ID and communicate with citizens attempting to understand the social risks involved in the deployment of the program. The firm will have the mandate to “produce and deploy effective mass media, digital, and ground-level communication messages, addressing residents across all demographic and cultural contexts.”

NIDP believes that in the rollout of the Fayda digital ID, which is designed to facilitate the way Ethiopians officially identify themselves, “proper sensitization and awareness of its stakeholders and the public is key in order for all residents to embrace digital ID ushering a new way of getting services across key public and private sectors.”

The responsibility of the PR company which shall be chosen, according to NIDP, is to ensure “an all-inclusive acceptance and use of Fayda ID leading to the achievement of the goals set in the digital strategy 2025 by the government of Ethiopia.”

Candidates vying for the role must have at least five years of proven experience in producing radio and TV advertisements around community-level products and services as well as working experience with government and civil society organizations. Whichever firm is eventually chosen will have a scope of work which involves TV and radio ad productions, social media ad concepts, ads placement and monitoring and performance assessment.

The public relations campaign will include half a dozen television advertisements and six more radio ads, in multiple languages.

Since its launch in 2021, NIDP has been expanding avenues for collaboration on the use of the Fayda ID which the country has made the principal proof of ID for access to important government an private sector services.

Source : biometricupdate.com