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Ethiopian Air Force Capability Soaring: Defense Attachés

Africans should draw lessons from the Ethiopian Air Force, which is rising and developed capabilities throughout its 88 years of services, African military attachés residing in Addis Ababa told ENA.

As part of the closing ceremony of the 88th Ethiopian Air Force anniversary, the Ethiopian Air Force and the United Arab Emirates Air Force jointly performed Black Lion Airshow in the presence of Prime Minister and Army Commander-in-Chief of the army in Bishoftu yesterday.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, South Sudan Defense Attaché in Addis Ababa, Brigadier General Jok Angok said that the airshow was impressive and exemplary for African countries.

“It’s really very fantastic and we appreciate this cooperation and collaboration between Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates; it needs to actually indicate that the rest of African countries should emulate and participate in such kind of collaborative exercises. And today, we are in Africa but the core value, the professionalism, the tactics, and the techniques that they (Ethiopian Air Force pilots) show are really very high,” he elaborated.

This exercise is very important and the countries in Africa should do the same, Brigadier General Jok Angok said, and added “because the future might be by air, sea and on the ground. So the experience is very important to be grasped by African countries.”

Senegal Defense Attaché in Addis Ababa, Lieutenant Colonel Mamadou Fall said that the airshow was impressive that demonstrates the theme from zero to hero.

“We are very happy and impressed. It was amusing from Zero to Hero today, we see the commitment and professionalism of Ethiopian Air defense forces; we are very happy to see that Ethiopian defense forces; especially the higher force has the highest levels in the world,” he elaborated.

Ethiopia is the biggest troop contributor in peace keeping, Lieutenant Colonel Mamadou stated, and added “we know all these capabilities and Ethiopians will use it for peace. This capacity will help Ethiopia to deepen its growth.”

“We know Ethiopia: especially in air force is the leader in Africa and there are many coming here to take training. Ethiopia is a leader and … the country will make a great contribution for peace and security in Africa,” the Senegalese Defense Attaché emphasized.

France Defense Attaché in Addis Ababa, Colonel Sebastien Pellissier said on his part:

“it was impressive to see the show from the Ethiopian pilots and Emirate pilots. It was a lot of minutes that they were in the sky and I have been very impressed.”

Source: Ena