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Exploring Africa’s Top 5 Luxury Destinations in 2023

Embarking on a journey of opulence, Africa’s luxury hotel sector is captivating high-net-worth individuals and affluent travellers from around the globe. Based on the Henley & Partners Africa Wealth Report 2023, here are the top five luxurious getaways that define Africa’s high-end hospitality scene.

1. The Oyster Box, South Africa

The Oyster Box in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nestled along the Umhlanga beachfront, The Oyster Box is a timeless gem overlooking the Indian Ocean. Originally a summer hotspot for Johannesburg’s elite in the 1950s, this iconic hotel has evolved into a paragon of luxury. Renovated in 2007 by Red Carnation Hotels, it offers an unparalleled experience of seaside opulence.

2. Ellerman House, South Africa

Ellerman House, South Africa

Basking in the beauty of Cape Town’s Bantry Bay, Ellerman House stands as a boutique masterpiece. With just 13 rooms, this intimate haven guarantees privacy and tranquillity. Its panoramic Atlantic Ocean views create a haven for the rich and famous, epitomising jet-set allure.

3. Royal Mansour, Morocco

Royal Mansour, Morocco

Nestled in the heart of Marrakech, the Royal Mansour is a testament to Moroccan magnificence. Commissioned by King Mohammed VI in 2010, this lavish retreat boasts 53 private riads ensconced in five hectares of Moorish gardens. With its unique birdcage-style atrium, the world-renowned spa is a sanctuary of indulgence.

4. Four Seasons Resort, Egypt

Four Seasons Resort, Egypt

Along the pristine Red Sea, the Four Seasons Resort at Sharm El Sheikh beckons. Embracing crystal waters and a protected marine reserve, it’s a haven for snorkelling and diving aficionados. With expansive rooms, oversized suites, and a plethora of al fresco dining options, this resort epitomises world-class luxury.

5. Royal Livingstone, Zambia

Royal Livingstone, Zambia

Perched on the banks of the Zambezi River, Royal Livingstone offers an exquisite view of the Victoria Falls from Zambia’s side. Managed by Anantara, this retreat provides unlimited access to this natural wonder. Roaming zebras add to the allure, while unique river safari experiences create unforgettable memories.

Source : Business Insider Africa