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How Tech Giants Are Sharing in Africa’s Digital Future With AI

Digitalization is becoming a major catalyst for growth across Africa. The continent is increasingly attracting attention and even investments from leading tech companies as efforts to unlock the next-level digital and technological future of Africa take a new shape among African countries. 

One key technology that has taken the spotlight in this journey is Artificial Intelligence. Many African countries have been exploring ways and initiatives to harness the transformative potential of AI for different sectors, including health, education, transportation, finance, agriculture, and mining.

Tech Giants Share in Africa’s Digital Future

However, realizing this potential hinges on fundamental needs like strategic investment, investment capital, research and development, and highly skilled talents. Currently, Africa’s strengths in these regards are somewhat limited, which is where tech giants around the world are looking to fit in.

In August, Google launched an “AI First Accelerator Program” for startups in Africa, building solutions to local challenges with artificial intelligence. The program provided startups with access to AI expertise, essential technical resources, mentorship from experts, unparalleled networking possibilities, and up to $350,000 in Google Cloud Credits.

More recently, one of the largest telecommunications companies, Huawei, entered the scene with a strategy entitled “Accelerate Intelligence for New Africa.” The strategy is structured in three core action areas:

  • Accelerate intelligence to enhance inclusion, thereby improving people’s lives by expanding the coverage and quality of essential services;
  • Accelerate intelligence to enhance governmental management and bolster the attractiveness of the business and commercial environment;
  • Accelerate intelligence to heighten operational efficiency and productivity across the economy, particularly in Africa’s key industries.

Huawei to Invest $430 Million in Africa

Huawei also announced a $430 million investment plan to drive AI innovation across Africa, beginning with the Northern Africa region, which encompasses 28 countries. 

“Every technological evolution is characterized by perseverance, exploration, and investment,” said Terry HE, President of Huawei Northern Africa. “To expedite intelligent transformation in Northern Africa, Huawei will intensify its investments in technologies, ecosystems, and talent.”

Africa has a promising population, with about 60% aged 25 or younger. With more investments, training, collaborations and friendly regulatory policies, the widespread adoption of AI has the potential to transform the continent into a seedbed for digital innovation and even a leader in AI movements.

Source : Cryptopolitan