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IMF Predicts Fall in Economic Gowth in Africa [Business Africa]

Sub-Saharan Africa is facing a major financing shortage that threatens the region’s growth, the International Monetary Fund warned in its report on the region’s economic outlook.

The organization also warned that public debt is further delaying the region’s economic recovery.

“Policymakers should stay the course of prudent monetary policy tightening.”

Catherine Patillo, the deputy director of the Africa Department at the IMF answered questions from Africanews.

Senegal: Religious celebrations marked by inflation

While the country’s economy is experiencing a sharper-than-expected slowdown according to IMF forecasts, Senegal is facing worrying inflation. It has reached 9.7 percent in 2022, its highest level in decades.

This situation is due in particular to soaring food prices. An unbearable increase for most Senegalese households, especially during the holiday season. A report by Wahany Johnson in Dakar.

Libya: promoting date exports

Date producers in Libya would like to export their abundant harvests, however, they face various challenges that slow down their hopes for emancipation.

The regions of Wahat, and Awjila are known for producing large quantities of dates, which reach 150,000 tons per year. The problem is that much of this fruit is destroyed or used as animal fodder due to poor marketing.

Source: Africanews