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Indian Rapper Yo Yo Honey Impressed by Morocco’s Gnawa, Folklore Music

Morocco’s Gnawa music continues to impress the world, including celebrities from across the world.

Indian rapper Hirdesh Singh, better known by his stage name Yo Yo Honey Singh, shared a few videos from Morocco, where he appeared impressed by Morocco’s music beats – including Gnawa.

A few Instagram videos featured Yo Yo Honey accompanied by Moroccan musical bands, infusing his songs with Morocco’s folklore beats.

In one video, the singer appeared to be rapping to Morocco’s Gnawa rhythms.

The singer added a Moroccan flair to his hit song “Lungi Dance” from the well-known Indian film “Chennai Express,” starring Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

The video, which the rapper shared with his 13 million followers, received over 1.3 million views in four days.

Many of his followers also commented on the video’s artistic and picturesque set.

In another video, the artist appeared with another band known in Morocco as “dkaykia.”

The music is part of Morocco’s rich folklore music, reflecting the country’s cultural and musical diversity.

The Indian singer also shared a teaser featuring him and a woman wearing traditional Moroccan clothes and accessories, including the famous tekchita (Moroccan dress).

“You wanna know my Arab connection? Wait for Habibti this festival season,” he wrote.

Morocco’s music, including Gnawa, has continued to attract the attention of celebrities and tourists from across the world.

In 2019, the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) added Gnawa to the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Infusing poetry and dancing, Gnawa music takes listeners on a spiritual journey with the rhythm, adorned by the famous Guembri, an instrument with three strings.

The rhythm is incomplete without the steel castanets called “krakebs” or “karkabat.”

Source: Morocco World News