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Kenya’s Blackrhino VR Launches AR Content Creation, Publication Platform

Kenya’s BlackRhino VR, an extended reality (XR) tech company, has launched an augmented reality (AR) platform designed to empower content creators within the creative economy to rapidly build and publish AR content.

BlackRhino is leverages XR knowledge to expand opportunities for significant socio-economic and cultural growth among the youth that will help create jobs, reduce poverty, and contribute to overcoming Africa’s development challenges. It works with local and international companies to develop innovative ways of delivering content.

Its new platform, MediAR, is a user-friendly, AR cloud editor and publishing platform that uses drag and drop technology, lessening the challenging learning curve associated with coding while producing AR solutions and content.

BlackRhino VR CEO Brian Afande said it was a response to the need to unlock Africa’s creative sector through AR.

“Our primary objectives are to empower Africa’s youth, who are the innovators of the future, to broaden their skills set that allows them to scale up innovations as well as to democratise extended reality technologies in order to make them easily accessible so that ultimately, these immersive technologies can actively and positively contribute to Africa’s socio-economic development,” he said.

“We also want to demystify the notion that Africa is only a consumer of technology and demonstrate that there are numerous innovative African technological solutions that are being developed to solve the continent’s challenges.”

MediAR has been designed with a revenue share model based on a pay-per-view service, which allows content creators and brands to co-exist in a digital ecosystem. BlackRhino VR is urging content creators across Africa to leverage the platform to perpetuate the development of an internet economy that will in turn create jobs, reduce poverty, and contribute to the continent’s development.

Source: Disrupt