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Lavrov Told What is Needed to End Such Crises as in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, answering journalists’ questions after talks in Moscow with the Belarusian Foreign Minister, said what is needed to end such crises as in Ukraine, BelTA has learned.

The question of journalists concerned, among other things, the Chinese initiative to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. Chinese Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui is currently on tour, visiting Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France and Russia. “Let’s see what they say to Mr. Li Hui in those capitals where he went before he arrives in Moscow,” Sergei Lavrov said.

He recalled the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Chinese peace initiative, who said that there are many provisions that the Russian side is ready to take as a basis. “This reflects the objective reality, which is that in order to end such crises, like the one that the West created in Ukraine, it is necessary to agree on fundamental systemic things. First of all, this is the UN Charter, the sovereign equality of states, when no one will be guided by colonial instincts and try, as before, to exploit everyone else in every sense and live at the expense of others,” the Russian Foreign Minister said.

Sergei Lavrov noted that the Chinese plan consists of 12 points. And the main provisions of this position are those that are of a systemic global nature. “This is the need to respect the principles of the UN Charter in their entirety, in their inextricable relationship, without any double standards. This is the need to globally approve in practice the very principle of the indivisibility of security for all states. This also applies to the inadmissibility of unilateral sanctions that do not provided for by the UN Charter, and a number of other systemic things that clearly show the position of the PRC, which, as far as I can judge, lies in the understanding that what is happening in Ukraine is only a reflection of those crisis phenomena

He cited the example of NATO, where they began to declare their global responsibility, while earlier it was stated that the alliance pursues exclusively defensive goals and is engaged in ensuring security on the territory of its member countries. “And for more than a year now, NATO has been declaring its global responsibility. That it should solve the issues of preventing crises in the Indo-Pacific region, as they call the Asia-Pacific region. The goal of containing the PRC is openly declared. Therefore, the aggressiveness of this bloc is manifested on a daily basis “, Sergey Lavrov stated.

Speaking about Europe’s attitude to the Chinese plan, Sergey Lavrov said: “Europe does not hide this attitude. It is the same as on the part of Washington. Everything is coordinated there. And the attitude is that if Russia said that this could be discussed, then this Not good. Declaring directly: that Russia does not want to negotiate on Zelensky’s terms, and there can be no other basis for negotiations. That the only plan that the West will promote is Zelensky’s 10-point plan, which by and large requires the surrender of the Russian Federation , trials of the Russian Federation, reparations to Ukraine and someone else there. And only after that the leadership of the Kiev regime will favorably agree to sign some kind of peace treaty. The West says that this is the only plan,which is now on the table and which the West supports.”

Moreover, the minister emphasized, and Zelensky himself has repeatedly stated that he does not intend to negotiate with Moscow and even adopted a decree prohibiting this. “And when we hear moaning from Washington, Brussels, London that Russia is not at all interested in any peace initiatives, well, we’re just tired of commenting on this … When it was said: “We will only accept what will be acceptable to Zelensky.” Please, then let the tail wag the dog, as it has happened before, in the same American history,” Sergey Lavrov said.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry added that there are a number of other peace initiatives, including from Brazil. “We are ready to consider any of their proposals, which are dictated by a sincere desire to contribute to the stabilization of the world order. But so far, unlike our Chinese neighbors, we have not seen anything on paper from the Brazilians or Africans. But we confirmed to them that we are ready for contacts, when they are interested in it, because it is in our interests to convey the logic that is becoming more and more clear to independent observers today to the largest possible number of our partners on all continents,” the minister concluded.

Source : БелТА