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Melatework Hailu Elected as New Chairperson of Ethiopia’s National Election Board

The Ethiopian Parliament’s House of People’s Representatives has announced the election of Melatework Hailu as the new Chairperson of the National Election Board (NEBE).

She takes over the mantle from Birtukan Mideksa, who stepped down from her position six months prior due to health concerns. Melatework’s appointment comes in the wake of her impressive professional background, devoid of partisan affiliations, and highly-valued qualifications, making her an exceptional candidate for this crucial post.

Melatework Hailu: A Blend of Qualification and Experience
Boasting a potent mix of education and experience, Melatework holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law, a Master’s degree in Peace and Security Studies from Addis Ababa University, and another Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University.

Prior to this appointment, she held a significant role as the head of NEBE’s office, gaining invaluable experience in electoral processes. Her selection as Chairperson was based on these remarkable credentials, which are essential for the impartial execution of electoral processes in the country.

New Appointments in Ethiopia’s Media Sector
In addition to Melatework’s appointment, the Ethiopian Parliament approved the selection of Getnat Tadese and Mesafint Tefera as the new CEOs of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation and the Ethiopian Press Agency, respectively.

Both Getnat and Mesafint bring to the table substantial experience in their fields and will be responsible for steering state media entities, contributing to the nation’s dialogue and discourse.

Implications for Ethiopia’s Democratic Processes
The appointment of Melatework as the new Chairperson of NEBE is expected to have significant implications for Ethiopia’s democratic processes. Given her strong nonpartisan professional background and her familiarity with electoral processes, she is well-positioned to steer the board towards more transparent and fair elections.

With these new appointments in strategic positions, Ethiopia seems set for a fresh chapter in its democratic journey, underlined by impartiality, transparency, and the spirit of public service.

Source: Bnnbreaking