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More Than 100,000 Foreigners Live in Slovakia

Over ten years, the number of foreigners with permanent residence in Slovakia almost doubled, the Statistics Office reported on Monday.

According to data from the latest 2021 census, 58,498 foreigners have a permanent residence in Slovakia. The 2011 census showed that 28,275 lived in the country at the time.

In total, 102,788 foreigners had either permanent or current residence, mostly Czechs, Hungarians, Ukrainians and Poles.

With more than 3 percent, the districts of Bratislava I, II and III have the largest share of foreigners. In total, 19,956 live in the capital, a third of all foreigners in the whole country. In addition, foreigners make more than 2 percent of the population in the districts of Sobrance, eastern Slovakia, Bratislava IV and Senec, western Slovakia.

More than 84 percent are in productive age.

When it comes to faith and religion, 36.8 percent (21,513) did not state their faith. 27.5 percent (16,094) professed no religion, mostly Czechs. The most dominant form of faith was the Roman Catholic Church practiced by 17.3 percent (10,118), mostly Poles. The Eastern Orthodox Church came second and the Greek Catholic Church third, with Ukrainians making the most believers in both.

Foreigners most often worked as specialists in administrative, support and business activities, sales associates, teachers, drivers. Most, 27.5 percent, had secondary education without school leaving exam, followed by 21.7 percent with university education.

Married people make up 36.8 percent, single comprise 22.1.

Source : The Slovak Spectator