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OLF Shene attacks police station in Gurage Zone of South Region

The Oromo Liberation Army, which has been designated as a terrorist group of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Shene by the government has attacked a prison cell in a police station in Bui Town, Sodo Woreda, Guraghe Zone of South Region, sources said.

A resident of the Town pointed out that the gunmen carried out the attack on Wednesday 02 August 2023 late in the evening at about 11:00 PM. The eyewitnesses said that the attack, which was perpetrated at the police station, was to set free 30 inmates who were under detention in a prison at the police station.  

The residents said that members of the armed group entered the town riding motorcycles and triple-wheeled Bajaj vehicles. An exchange of fire that lasted an hour was held with the policemen who were guarding the police station.

Addis Maleda said that at least two policemen were injured in the shootout. The attempt to free the detained members of Shene failed and none of the attackers of the armed group has been arrested.

The residents pointed out that Shene militants would carry out frequent attacks in the zone, especially in Sodo district. “We are also under serious threat because there are not enough government security forces in the area,” town residents said.

Source : Borkena