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Russia and Ukraine Are Still Fighting, and Turkey Suddenly Sends Troops to Launch Large-scale Military Operations Against US Allies

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still going on. When the West preached that “Russia is about to die”, many places in Ukraine issued red air defense alerts. Although Russia has withdrawn its troops from Kiev, the air strikes and bombing operations against Ukraine have reached their peak recently. A Ukrainian transport plane carrying Western aid weapons that flew into Ukraine in the Odessa area was also shot down by the Russian army. It can be seen that the attitude of the Russian army towards Western aid to Ukraine is not just a warning.

The Russia-Uzbekistan war has lasted for two months. According to Western media, Russia wants to end the war before May 9, so in the days to come, the Russian army will definitely intensify its strikes and complete the finishing work as soon as possible. At present, Russia and Ukraine are confronting each other in Mariupol. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmikhal said that Ukrainian soldiers are still resisting Russia’s ultimatum. However, international people believe that the main reason why Zelensky refused to allow the Ukrainian army to surrender is because there are NATO soldiers and military advisers in the Azov Iron and Steel Plant in Mariupol. If the Ukrainian army surrenders, the conspiracy of Western countries It will be revealed, so Western countries will definitely put pressure on Ukraine, and absolutely must not let NATO soldiers fall into the hands of Russia.

At present, Russia’s military operations against Ukraine have reached the final stage, and at the same time, the Russian military’s offensive has become more and more violent, which has caused the United States and Ukraine to panic. Not only that, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine was like a violent earthquake, and a chain reaction followed in the Middle East. According to Russian RT reports, the Turkish Ministry of Defense stated that the Turkish army has launched a large-scale cross-border military offensive, targeting the Kurdistan Workers Party armed forces in northern Iraq.

The Turkish Defense Minister stated that jet fighters, helicopters, and drones were deployed in this operation, and extensive air strikes were carried out on the target, supplemented by the offensive of ground troops. The situation in the Middle East has always been very complicated. As a large country located on the border of the Middle East, Turkey has many interests and conflicts involved.

It is reported that the PKK is an armed group established in 1979. Their goal is to establish an independent socialist Kurdish national state. Their leader Ocalan was arrested in 2005 and was subsequently identified as a terrorist by Turkey, the United States and the European Union. organize. Turkey’s defense minister said some targets had been destroyed before ground forces entered Iraq, including several Kurdish military headquarters in the border area.

It should be noted that Turkey’s undeclared war was launched against the backdrop of intense conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. This large-scale Turkish military operation is the first since the Iraq war. Turkish Defense Minister Akar said that this operation was aimed at terrorists, and the Turkish army has successfully completed the first phase of the goal. As for how many troops and equipment were dispatched, the earth side did not disclose. In addition, Turkey also stated that the fighting will not be over until the last terrorist is eliminated.

I have to say that Turkey’s statement is very interesting. It seems that Turkey does not intend to cease the war in a short time. Turkey’s behavior has also brought greater uncertainty to the current complex international situation. Regarding the Kurdish issue, international views have always been different. Although the Kurdish armed forces are defined by the United States as terrorists, they are actually allies of the United States. Because the Kurds have always cooperated with the United States, the United States has publicly opposed Turkey’s approach many times. But in the eyes of Turkey, all Kurds are the same, they are all terrorists, and even with the backing of the United States, Turkey will still fight.

Taking a step back, the United States is now focusing on Ukraine. Turkey chooses to send troops at this time, and the United States will not pay too much attention. Turkey is also one of the few NATO countries that does not sanction Russia. Therefore, the opportunity that Turkey seized is still very reasonable, and it is not that it will be done as soon as the brain is hot. On the other hand, Turkey’s fight can also help Russia share the pressure of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and it can be regarded as another way of supporting Russia.

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