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Togliatti-Odessa Pipeline Attack, Russia Determined to End Black Sea Food Deal

Recently, the Togliatti-Odessa liquid ammonia pipeline was attacked. This incident made Russia determined to terminate the black sea grain export agreement. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov pointed out in his latest statement that the West has treated the agreement in an “outrageous” way, which makes Russia feel helpless. The positions of the United States and the United Kingdom, in particular, are even more puzzling.

Lavrov said Ukraine’s attack on the Togliatti-Odessa pipeline led Russia to make the final decision. Ukraine blamed Russia for sabotaging the pipeline, while Russia blamed Ukraine for the attack. The attack became the trigger for Russia’s determination to terminate the Black Sea food agreement.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative is a July 2022 agreement between the United Nations, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine to resume Ukrainian grain, food and fertilizer exports through a safe maritime humanitarian corridor. However, the implementation of the agreement has not been able to meet Russia’s expectations. Russia has repeatedly stated that the agreement on the normalization of Russian food and fertilizer exports has not been fulfilled so far, and this will determine whether Russia will continue to participate in the agreement.

Facing the challenges of the attack and the implementation of the agreement, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov announced that Russia has no reason to continue to extend the Black Sea grain export agreement, and assured poor countries that food will continue to be exported, and it will be provided free of charge.

This decision has aroused widespread concern and debate. As the two major agricultural producers in the world, Russia and Ukraine cannot ignore their positions in the grain, food and fertilizer markets. The cooperation between the two sides is of great significance for ensuring food supply and promoting regional stability. However, the current situation is worrisome and requires all parties to work together to find a solution to the problem.

The future of the UN’s calls here remains uncertain, but Russia’s decision marks a clear change in its approach to the deal. For readers, understanding and paying attention to the development of this incident will help to better understand the changes in the international situation and the grain market.

In the current situation, Russia’s decision will lead to more attention and discussion. It is expected that all parties can carry out more in-depth research and discussions on this issue, and find ways to solve the problem, so as to maintain regional stability and promote the development of cooperation.

Source: baijiahao.baidu