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Turkey Resolutely Defected and Shared S-400 Secrets With NATO. Putin May Suffer

In the face of interests, positions are worthless.

During the recent period, Turkey has changed a lot. First, when Zelensky visited Turkey, he released several members of the Azov battalion back to Ukraine, and expressed his support for Ukraine’s involvement in NATO. Then, at the NATO summit, he agreed to support Sweden. Join NATO. Don’t think too much about it, Turkey’s transformation is inseparable from the pressure behind the United States and the lucrative link of interests. After all, before that, Erdogan also categorically accused the United States of interfering in domestic elections.

In fact, under the mediation of the United States and NATO, it is not surprising that Turkey “turned its back”. It has been repeatedly sitting on the wall between its Western allies and Russia. However, Türkiye’s latest move has completely angered Russia.

Turkey agreed to share information on the S-400 long-range air defense system imported from Russia with NATO countries. This is what Biden personally admitted: We spent 13 billion US dollars to get Turkey to change its position. In addition, the United States also agreed to resume technical support for Turkey’s F-16 fighter jets.

Back then, Turkey decided to purchase an advanced long-range air defense missile system, which aroused bidding among China, the United States and Russia. At that time, the United States came up with the “Patriot” long-range air defense system, Russia launched the S-400, and China also recommended the Hongqi-9. Turkey has shown great interest in China’s Hongqi-9, and China also hopes to take this opportunity to open up the long-range air defense market in the Middle East, so it has submitted a large number of Hongqi-9 technical materials to Turkey.

What China and the United States didn’t expect was that Turkey finally chose Russia’s S-400 air defense missile system, which made Putin very proud, thinking that he had dug a corner of NATO, and was overjoyed. However, there are also some people who question Turkey’s choice. Turkey is one of the NATO members. If it sells the S-400 to the United States, wouldn’t Russia lose a lot?

Source : 163.com