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Why is Greece Willing to Let the “Varyag” Return to China?

“Varyag” is the second ship of the “Kuznetsov” class aircraft carrier in the former Soviet Union. Originally, the manufacturing process was very smooth, and it is hoped that it will be able to serve as the left and right guardians of the country together with the only other aircraft carrier currently serving in Russia. As a result, what was unexpected was that the progress bar of the “Varyag” was pulled to 68%, and when it was about to be completed, the Soviet Union disintegrated.

For a while, the situation of the “Varyag” changed from being a star to a bit embarrassing. After all, even if it can be completed and put into use with 30% left, the cost is still so high that many countries cannot afford it. The Nikolayev Black Sea Shipyard in Ukraine, which undertakes the manufacturing task, is facing the big guy left there ” Varyag”, like looking at a hot potato, a little at a loss as to what to do with it.

Find its old boss to be responsible. They are in the midst of great changes, not only can’t take care of the “Varyag”, but it is estimated that they can’t even pay the promised wages on time. Ukraine, its own country, can’t afford the 200 million U.S. dollars for continued construction, but most of the key components inside the “Varyag” have actually been manufactured, and Ukraine plans to sell the “Varyag” in its current state.

Since it is going to be sold, it needs to be packaged, because it is not a complete body after all, so it is easy for other countries to use the general bargaining posture of “collecting scrap iron” to suppress the price. Therefore, in order to package the “Varyag” as a waiting price And Gu’s sweet pastry looks like, and four sales rules have been specially set up for it. The first one is that the buyer mainly provides a bank credit certificate. The purpose of this is to verify the other party’s economic strength, and to check whether the other party’s channels are legal. If it is a gangster who has the ability to purchase the “Varyag”, but cannot issue a credit certificate , it will be brushed down.

The second is to prove that the purchase of the “Varyag” cannot be used for military purposes. If it is bought by a certain country, repaired and immediately used to start a war, then Ukraine will be stuck in the middle with the name of selling weapons will be very uncomfortable.

The third purchase project needs to be approved by the state, and the purpose is still the same as the first two, to ensure that the buyer is innocent and not to cause trouble for Ukraine.

The last one is the need for an import license from the country where it is located, which is equivalent to obtaining the approval of the country of purchase, and the provincial transaction will be completed before making a fuss.

Xu Zengping, chairman of the board of directors of Hong Kong Chuanglu Group, bought the “Varyag” at a price of 20 million U.S. dollars after obtaining China’s approval and issuing an import license.

After all, he had taken a fancy to the unique aircraft carrier which was a gimmick. If he built a sea amusement park, it would definitely be world-famous, and he would soon be able to earn back the cost. He had never thought about military use at all, and it met the four requirements set out by Ukraine. .

This transaction should have ended perfectly here, but the United States and Ukraine stepped in and proposed to dismantle all the weapons and equipment on the “Varyag”. This move may be that Ukraine felt that it had lost money, so it found an influential country to come forward, so that it could remove some valuable parts from the “Varyag” and gain some psychological balance.

At this point, since the United States has intervened in the sale of the “Varyag”, the Hong Kong Chuanglu Group can’t handle this situation, and the subsequent transportation back to China can only be taken over by China.

This luck was particularly tortuous, and it took more than two years to transport the “Varyag” from Ukraine to Dalian. The reason is not because the “Varyag” is huge and the waterway is not easy to walk. But in the middle of the game and negotiations with the four countries, Egypt, Ukraine, and Turkey all more or less hindered the transportation process of the “Varyag”, and only Greece contributed to help the “Varyag” return Dalian, let’s find out what happened in detail.

The Ukrainian State, the former owner of the “Varyag” who first sold it, allowed it to pass after dismantling some of the weapons on the aircraft carrier. There is an additional requirement to remove parts, and there is really no reason to stop it.

After the “Varyag” was transported on the planned route for a while, when it was preparing to cross the Bosporus Strait in the Black Sea, it was blocked by a country in Turkey. They believed that the “Varyag” was large and it If it passes through the strait, it will affect the passage of other ships in its own country.

It is not difficult to see that this is Turkey’s rhetoric that it wants to make some money. After all, the “Varyag” passed through normally, and it only took a few days to pass. However, if it ran aground in the strait, wouldn’t it affect the passage of other ships? Not a small guy.

But Turkey offered this excuse, and the “Varyag” had no “customs clearance document” and could only stop the transportation. Turkey felt that it was a “hostage” in its hands and had the confidence to negotiate and raise conditions, so it made many demands. It not only requires China to open tourism to Turkey, and promises that 2 million tourists will come to Turkey every year, but also sells rockets, provides economic assistance, and pays a parking fee of 8,500 US dollars per day.

Although China bought the “Varyag” and made a certain amount of investment in the early stage, it cannot allow Turkey to take whatever it wants and take advantage of it. The two countries started a long game to discuss this matter. Finally, 16 months later, Turkey let go of its promise to ” “Varyag” was released, and it seems that he also realized that China is not always easy to talk, even if it wants to transport “Varyag” back to China, but when encountering unreasonable demands, it must stop and make a clear distinction first.

I don’t know if it’s because Turkey didn’t get a big advantage as it wished and felt unhappy. When the “Varyag” was about to be released, they also proposed that their neighboring countries in front of Turkey should provide guarantees for China before it would be released. At this point, the key country of Greece finally appeared. He was willing to be the guarantor of the “Varyag” for China. He saw that Turkey would not provide any help, and sent his own tugboat to take the “Varyag” Pulled into the sea.

When the “Varyag” encountered a storm at sea, Greece sent out people to rescue it. Afterwards, even if the old Egyptian tricks were repeated to prevent the “Varyag” from passing by, and the “Varyag” took a detour, it still survived. Nothing waved back to China.

It can be seen that Greece has contributed a lot to the return of “Varyag” to China. As for why he is willing to help it return to China. The high probability is for the purpose of “distanced friendship and close attack”. Greece and Turkey are close to each other. Seeing Turkey’s reluctance to deal with “Varyag”, Greece wants to suppress his arrogance, and it happens to be able to make friends with China. Friends from far away are not a loss, after all, China is a big country.

Source: mil.sohu