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Ethiopian Avocado Farmers Eye Spanish Market

Small-scale avocado farmers in Lommee District, located in the East Shewa Zone of Oromia State, Ethiopia, are making preparations to export 857 quintals of avocado products to Spain.

During the current season, the farmers are projected to harvest 1,159 quintals (115.9 metric tons) of avocados. Out of this yield, 857 quintals will be exported to Spain. The farmers are collaborating with exporters to facilitate the export process, while the district agriculture office is also assisting in creating favorable conditions for the farmers to directly export their products.

These farmers have been engaged in avocado cultivation for the past six years and have been supplying their products to both local and international markets. The district possesses significant potential for avocado production, with approximately 164,000 hectares of cultivated land.

To support the farmers, the Oromia State Agriculture Bureau is actively involved in raising awareness, establishing plant nursery stations, and providing additional assistance. However, the bureau faces challenges such as water shortages.

Source : 2merkato.com