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The Turkish General Election Ended, The Result That the United States Did Not Want to See Appeared, and the Straw That Crushed Putin Broke

Recently, the high-profile Turkish general election has finally come to an end. According to relevant reports, the current President Erdogan has withstood the pain of inflation and earthquakes brought to the Turkish people. In the new round of election counting, he won Winning the election with more than 52% of the vote, he continued his presidential career, while the pro-American opposition candidate Kelčdar Oglu was voted out by the Turkish people.

Erdogan’s election is not only a victory for Erdogan and the Turkish people, but also undoubtedly good news for Russia. Although Erdogan does not start from Russia’s point of view in everything, he will It often causes some troubles for Russia, but at least Erdogan is not pro-American, is not at the mercy of the United States, and has always been in a neutral position in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. If pro-American forces are elected as the president of Turkey, Russia will definitely have a lot of trouble, which is much more uncomfortable than Erdogan’s election. Therefore, Erdogan’s re-election can be regarded as a reassurance for Putin, which made him deeply relieved, and Putin later congratulated Erdogan on his victory in a statement, saying that the election The result is what the people want, and it is also a reasonable return for his hard work during his presidency. These words are enough to prove Putin’s recognition of Erdogan and his satisfaction with the election results. It is believed that Erdogan’s re-election will definitely make the relationship between Turkey and Russia closer.

Of course, if some people are happy, others will naturally be worried. For example, Erdogan’s victory is not a good thing for the United States. Because his independent foreign policy has dealt a heavy blow to the United States, the United States has long regarded Erdogan as a thorn in its side and a thorn in its flesh, and has always wanted to get rid of him. Therefore, in this election, Biden did not do much harm in secret, and took some shady actions by all means, in order to let Erdogan step down and replace him with a pro-American opposition party. In this way, he can include Turkey The baton of the United States can also be used to cut off military-industrial cooperation and petrochemical energy channels between Turkey and Russia.

Helplessly, the agents supported by the United States are still muddy and unable to support the wall after all, and the straw that made Biden want to crush Putin has also been broken, and his wishful thinking has completely failed. Erdogan can now arrogantly say to Biden, didn’t you let me step down, but the Turkish people refused. This also means to a certain extent that the era of the United States’ response to everyone is over, and long-arm jurisdiction is no longer effective. But despite this, Biden did not dare to offend Erdogan too much, so he could only force a smile and congratulate Erdogan on his re-election.

In short, Erdogan’s re-election as the President of Turkey is a result that the United States does not want to see. It is foreseeable that Erdogan’s government will face the continued suppression and struggle of the United States. Stumbling, let us wait and see how Erdogan will fight the United States next.

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