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At a Critical Moment, Important News Came From Turkey, The United States, Russia and Ukraine Spoke Out at the Same Time, and China Also Expressed Its Position

During this period of time, the international community has been paying close attention to Turkey’s presidential election. After the first round of elections, no candidate won more than half of the votes. A second round of elections between Daroglu. During this period, Erdogan made public speeches and pointed the finger at the US government, emphasizing that US President Biden had ordered himself to be “overthrown” to influence the Turkish regime in this way.

Not only that, after the first round of elections, the candidate at the bottom also made an important statement, announcing that he would support the current President Erdogan, which also means that Erdogan’s vote rate will be even greater. The advantages. According to the information previously disclosed by Turkey’s Supreme Election Commission, Erdogan successfully won the second round of voting and once again achieved the re-election of the Turkish president. In fact, the reason why Erdogan failed to directly win the first round of elections as in the past is mainly because the overall situation in Turkey has been quite bad during this period.

Inflation has become more and more serious, the actions of the Erdogan government have not been recognized by the public, the unemployment rate has remained high, and the earthquake some time ago has further deteriorated the overall situation in Turkey. It is precisely because of this that many Turkish people hope to improve the current unfavorable situation by changing the way of leaders.

But in the end, Erdogan was re-elected smoothly. In addition, Erdogan insisted on an independent foreign policy during his administration. Although he was a member of the NATO military alliance, he always refused to follow the United States to take action. After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Turkey also committed to Mediating and mediating the conflict between the two countries did not follow the United States in launching sanctions against Russia. Now Erdogan’s re-election will have a huge impact on the region and even the international community.

According to the latest news, the prime ministers of the United States, Russia, and Ukraine continued to congratulate Erdogan, hoping that all parties can strengthen communication and exchanges for the peace and stability of the global situation. Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned that Erdogan’s successful re-election means that his success in power has been recognized by the Turkish people, and it also means that his independent foreign policy will continue. This situation is undoubtedly of great significance to Russia.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning also said: China congratulates President Erdogan on being re-elected as the Turkish president, supports Turkey to follow a development path that suits its own national conditions, and hopes that under the leadership of President Erdogan, Turkey’s development and construction will continue to make progress. new achievement.

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